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The "Off" Season

So, this is my first go around of being a photographer... Since I began 6 months ago, I am happy to report that right now is my first "off" season. Between the Holidays and the insanely negative temperatures around here, it has made it near impossible for people to get their photos taken. So, here I sit, experiencing my "off" season.

It had me thinking - what does a photographer do with no subjects? Well, I have decided to spend this time investing in building a brand for myself through blogging, social media, and sharing "everyday" photos. 

Here are my newbie suggestions for how to spend your time as a photographer during the "off" season:

1. Blog! 

Trust me, I know it's hard, tedious and cumbersome. I am literally hating it as I do it now. But, it will help build trust with your audience. They will get to know you, as a photographer, from the other side of the lens. And, I have found I learn more and more about myself as a new photographer as it unfolds on my blog. 

2. Instagram! 

Man, this is a hard one too! There are so many beautiful Instagram pages out there that make you feel like yours should just be deleted. But, the number one rule to a good Instagram page is to have amazing photos... so if you want to be a photographer it just seems natural you should have a good Instagram profile right!?! 

3. Professional Development

I just signed up for a FREE online Instagram class! SHOCKER, I know - but it's my jam right now. I am trying really hard this year to make my Instagram look more like a photographer's instead of whatever the heck it currently looks like. Advice welcomed.

But, seriously, there are tons of free classes out there to sign up for as an up and coming photographer! You just have to find the one you are looking for. 

4. Find a Model

No matter who or what - find something to take a picture of! Even if it is just with your new iPhone X because you couldn't wait to test the portrait setting...... OH. EM. GEE. It's beautiful by the way! 

I don't know if these tips are right, but hey it's what is working for me (a newbie) right now! Thanks for following along on my journey. I can't wait to share more. 

OH and here are the first two photos I took with my new iPhone... because seriously the portrait setting is awesome!

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